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FAQs and Downloads

How can I pay?

If you have an account your terms are net monthly. You can open an account by completing an account form with our terms and conditions which can be downloaded here.

Please allow a minimum of 7 days from receipt of your completed forms for your account to be approved. If not then payment can be made by cheque, debit or credit card. Funds must clear before any work will commence.

Do you have a minimum order value?

Our minimum order value is £100.00 excluding carriage and VAT.

Do you charge for carriage and if so, how much?

All prices exclude carriage. Carriage is charged at cost and will depend on the size, weight, destination and timing required. An accurate cost can be calculated at the time of your order.

I'd like to email a drawing. What file formats do you prefer?

Ideally we require an AutoCAD file such as a DXF or DWG. If you are unable to produce such a file using AutoCAD we can usually accept vector format files from most graphics packages. If you are unsure please phone.

How big are sheets of Acrylic?

The most common size is 3050mm x 2030mm

What thicknesses are available?

Many thicknesses are available in clear including 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20 and upwards. In the colours the most common thicknesses are 3mm and 5mm. Please check with us before you specify something that isn't made.

What colours are there?

There are lots of colours from all the different acrylic manufacturers. The yard stick tends to be the Perspex range. Swatches are available from Perspex by contacting them through their web site:

Is there a workshop manual available for acrylic?

What about health and safety data?

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