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End of arm highlighters and holders

At last, an end of arm highlighter that can survive your customers!

The clear clips fit to most standard shop kit. Simple modifications of both the clip and ticket holder can be made to the design to suit your needs providing an innovative solution to an age old problem.

Moulded in tough, durable, clear polycarbonate, the specially designed universal coupling gives the ticket maximum freedom of movement in all directions. This means that your staff won't spend their valuable time picking them up off the floor.

When fitted to an angled arm the ticket will naturally hang in a vertical position. The clips are easily removed to enable immediate promotion of a new line. The POS ticket holders can be quickly changed to a different size.

There are currently four different sizes of ticket holder available - see the size table opposite. New sizes can be manufactured especially for your own POS ticket.

Ticket holder sizes:

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Tall - 201mm x 90mm

end of arm highlighter arrow bullet

Tall - 201mm x 124mm

end of arm highlighter arrow bullet

Wide - 105mm x 203mm

end of arm highlighter arrow bullet

Small - 105mm x 81mm

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