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Welcome to the K2 website.

K2 are based in the UK and boast a 30 year history in acrylic fabrications. From Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire, K2 are capable of manufacturing everything from point of sale equipment to bespoke acrylic work. K2 are a Perspex approved fabricator who also have relationships with all the major acrylic brands such as Plexiglas & Repsol.

Acrylic fabrication is at the heart of K2’s expertise. Their acrylic laser cutting system is second to none and their acrylic laser engraving system is unique in its capabilities. In addition to this state of the art acrylic fabrication technology K2 offer CNC machining, heat bending, heat forming, diamond polishing, flame polishing, solvent bonding, Tensol bonding and UV bonding. This wide range of manufacturing capabilities allows K2 to supply customers anything from a simple cut panel to a fully fabricated, packaged and despatched production roll out.

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